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What scrub to choose for my skin Health 

What scrub to choose for my skin

Want a soft, healthy and radiant skin? Offer him a scrub adapted and effective to make it shine and spend a pleasant cocooning moment in the shower! essential beauty gesture, the body scrub is a beauty gesture essential to your well-being but also to that of your epidermis. Follow the guide !What is the scrub?

Also called exfoliation , the scrub has many benefits:

  • It rids the skin of impurities and dead cells that clog its pores, preventing it from breathing. It thus makes it possible to accelerate the cellular renewal of the epidermis, by helping it to make “new skin”. This one, often locked or compressed in clothes too tight, can breathe again.
  • The scrub is also a particularly effective massage to tone and firm the skin. Yes: a suitable scrub, coupled with the right gestures and a sports activity, smooths the orange skin by activating the microcirculation.
  • It allows the care applied subsequently to better penetrate the epidermis. A successful exfoliation coupled with a slimming cream is THE winning combo against cellulite that has been stagnant for a while on your thighs or arms.

Although it must be practiced all year long, the scrub is absolutely essential in summer for:

  • Preserve the tan as long as possible
  • Even skin tone, even (and especially) if you apply self-tanner!
  • Prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs caused by hair removal

In short, this essential beauty must absolutely have a place in your bathroom! Warning: there are lots of different scrubs, each with their own interest. You must, of course, choose it according to your skin type but also according to the sensations or the effects that you are looking for this parenthesis well-being (gourmet perfume, foaming or unctuous textures, anti-aging action or anti-cellulite …)

Good to know: the scrub has some contraindications:

  • Do not dwell on the more sensitive parts (chest, shirt …) For the latter, you can apply a superfine scrub for face, as the physiological surfin scrub of La Roche Posay . As for weakened areas or lesions present on the epidermis (moles, sunburns, wounds, acne, scars, psoriasis …), they must never be exfoliated. Avoid them carefully during your treatment.
  • It is inadvisable to erase the skin of a child, who is not yet fully trained or protected.

How to perform a good body scrub?

To apply preferably on wet skin (some can be applied on dry skin for an even more intense action), exfoliating products should be applied in light circular massages (without rubbing!) On all areas of the body, from the shoulders to the feet . Insist on the roughest or thickest areas, such as elbows, knees, and thighs. Rinse thoroughly until no more grains on the skin, finish with a jet of cold water to effectively tone your skin and especially: moisturize with a cream or body milk!

Dry, sensitive or mixed skin should be erased once a week on average, to avoid irritation. Normal skin, for its part, can support up to two scrubs per week maximum. Stay tuned for your skin and its needs to provide the proper exfoliation!

Choose an exfoliation adapted to your skin type

Before rushing on the first product to come and risk the cosmetic catastrophe (irritated skin or lack of results), choose your scrub according to your skin type and its needs: a sensitive skin will need softness where normal and balanced skin can to afford more scrubbing and varied products:

  • Normal skin : probably the luckiest, normal skin can afford everything in terms of scrub! Want sweetness? Choose a creamy and fruity product. Need a good scrub? Opt for a treatment that will act more deeply, like a scrub with sea ​​salt  ! No rules hold you back, so follow your desires!

Nuxe Body body scrub  : with the delicate fragrance of almond and orange, this scrub with vegetable exfoliates (lychee, walnut and orange) has the advantage of mixing different sizes of grains, for a complete action on the epidermis.

  • Sensitive or dry skin : because of the repeated rubbing on the epidermis that it involves, the scrub is particularly feared sensitive skin. And yet, they should not skip this essential step! The solution to prevent this moment of pleasure ending in weekly torture? Choose super-fine gumscrubs , such as facial scrubs, softer than body scrubs, or opt for a fruit pulp scrub. Above all: we avoid scrubs salt grains, too abrasive for reactive skin! The little extra to soothe her skin in one gesture after an exfoliation: a pschitt of thermal water  !

Uriage body scrub  : dedicated to sensitive skin, this scrub exfoliates the skin without attacking it, thanks to its delicate microparticles. To ensure complete action, its formula contains fruit acids. Hypoallergenic and enriched with Vitamin E and C, it leaves the skin soft, fragrant and comfortable!

  • Mixed to oily skin : they need to be purified without being attacked, a balance that is sometimes difficult to find. The scrubs with grains or fruit pulp, not too abrasive, are suitable for them because they unincrust the pores without being too stripping. Warning: never exceed the limit of one scrub per week. A more frequent exfoliation could, eventually, irritate your skin and trigger an overproduction of sebum in response to these repeated aggressions. Just the opposite of what you want!

Bodysol exfoliating purifying body  : Composed of exfoliating pearls and wheat proteins, this scrub has a purifying and descaling action on the pores. Formulated without soap, it acts gently for maximum efficiency and comfort of use.

Erase yourself according to your desires!

Vary the pleasures and make this exfoliation ritual a moment of well-being for you and your body. For a unique moment of relaxation, rely on products with melting and fragrant textures, or enjoy your exfoliation to shape your figure!

I want a gourmet and sensual scrub:

Lierac sensory scrub with 3 white flowers  : this exfoliating gel with an oily and ultra-melting texture perfumes the skin with a sensual and sweet scent. Under the effect of heat, its marbles melt into a nourishing milk, for an incredible sensation of sweetness.

I want a slimming scrub:

Aphine Body Exfoliating Scrub : A fruity blend of mineral salts and sweet almond to effectively tone your skin and chase away orange peel. Discover this new gourmet care that gently stimulates the microcirculation for a toning effect and bluffing preparator!

I want a toning and invigorating scrub:

Weleda shower scrub with birch  : soap-free and plant origin, this exfoliant made of carnauba wax and bee waxes cleanses the epidermis while toning it. It contains extracts of birch, rosemary and small holly that wake up the skin by activating the circulation. Its refreshing and invigorating scent will reboost you. A real breath of pep and dynamism in your bathroom!

I want a natural scrub, without product:

Wolf mixed horsehair glove  : the exfoliation with horsehair glove , natural and very effective, has the advantage of not requiring any product! Ideal for going on vacation or to limit your impact on the environment. We love this scrub if we are looking for a deep exfoliation , to avoid on sensitive skin, so. Glove exfoliation should always be done on damp skin and should never exceed five minutes, every five days on average. Soft skin insured!

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