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Two Mobalpa kitchens inspired by nature Home Improvement 

Two Mobalpa kitchens inspired by nature

Our first kitchen bought at two was red-no-handsome, and really cheap. We had found in a shop on a national side of Romainville, and she had to cost us 400 € 7 furniture! But at the time, we were so proud of our acquisition!

Today, our lifestyles, our more assertive tastes, a child and thirties make us want to move towards something more timeless. More elegant too.
So when Mobalpa invited me to come and discover their  showroom in Thônes, near Annecy, I immediately accepted! First of all because I love what they do, but also because this brand has always been important to me. In fact, almost 20 years ago, my parents invested in a Mobalpa kitchen. And I remember, little girl, dreaming in front of their models when we passed one of their shops! Even today, the magic operates.

The purpose of my visit was to be able to discover all their products: the kitchens, but also the storage and the bathrooms that they propose; to be able to share with you my favorites. I started to show you some nuggets on Instagram !
The choice was tough, but current trends have pushed me to select two cuisines that represent, in my opinion, the return to nature. Come on, I show you?

The optimal atmosphere

With its natural oak decor, you could almost believe that this kitchen is in a contemporary cottage!
This layout is designed so that everything has its place and everything can be easily accessed. At a time when the elements of haute cuisine have a hard life, I immediately fell in love with the solutions proposed by this model.

A wood effect of the most successful, white, anthracite gray, very discreet stainless steel handles: this kitchen is definitely elegant.
On the wall, the very thin profiles serve as shelves. We can suspend things, but also incorporate pockets and pockets niches: the space is well mastered, while having a very pleasant air side.
I also loved the integrated storage systems directly in the work plan, it must be so practical in everyday life

The authentic chic atmosphere

You know my love for dark wood kitchens , so how do you resist this warm, homely atmosphere?

Here, all other materials are highlighted: with walnut decor, smoked glass doors and stainless steel, the high and low facades meet and create a resolutely modern contrast.

The good idea: to play on the duality of materials for the worktop: on the preparation side, it is made of stainless steel for optimal resistance; the dining area is covered with a mineral-inspired laminate. The full height credence also sets the tone and makes this kitchen a real showcase.
Black also has a great importance in this atmosphere, which also bears its name of Authentic chic !

Our advice for a green and natural atmosphere in the kitchen:

• We put on natural materials such as wood (obviously!) But also rattan for accessories, stone or concrete for the worktop. As for textiles, we will think in particular of linen and hemp, very elegant.
• We use and abuse plants: decorative plants, but also aromatic that will be perfect to decorate your little dishes!
• On the walls, you can opt for a slightly green hue, but also for a vegetable-inspired wallpaper .

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