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This is why Parc Esta is the Hottest New Real Estate Development in Singapore Home Improvement 

This is why Parc Esta is the Hottest New Real Estate Development in Singapore

Everyone seems to be talking about Parc Esta, the new condo development handled by the private company MCL land. The company won a bid for a floor area measuring over 350,000 square feet where they are planning to build the total of 9 block building in various sizes and distributions schemes that in turn will house a grand total of 1,399 living solutions. The site is located near the Eunos MRT station on a two-minute walk along the Sims Avenue. This strategic location has already attracted many businesses that are in the process of setting up shop on the place along the existing options to make life livable in the new project.

The Current Prices of the Market

The current Parc Esta Price options are being offered as it follows: a single bedroom apartment measuring between 420 and 549 sqft is priced at $684,000. A single bedroom option, plus a study measuring between 517 and 624sqft is priced at $880,000. A two-bedroom unit measuring between 581 and 861 sqft is priced at $988,000. The same two-bedroom option, plus a study that can measure up to 1,023 sqft can cost $1,278,000. A three-bedroom piece that can be as big as 1,206 sqft will rank among the $1,378,000. Another three-bedroom option plus a flexi that measure 1,119 sqft will cost $1,478,000. The four-bedroom option measures 1,410 sqft and is priced at $1,758.000. The deluxe five bedroom option measuring 1,604 sqft will be priced at $2,281,000.

The Amenities Close to the Project

Regarding the amenities that are already available near the site of construction, these are the one that has been listed so far by real estate agencies pushing for the project: You have two nearby MRT stations, Eunos at 0.2Km and Kembangan at 1.4Km. The most popular shopping centers near the project are the Kinex at 1.5Km, the Paya Lebar Quarters as well as the Square at 2.0Km, the Kantong Mall located at 2.6Km, the Kantong Shopping Center located at 2.6Km, the Kallang Wave Mall located at 4.9Km, the Marina Square located at 6.8Km. As for educational institutions, you will have a wide variety of options circling a 3-kilometer ratio from the construction site, with popular choices such as Eunos Primary school located at 1Km, the Tao Nan School and the Tanjong Katong Primary located within 2Km. The CHIJ and the Kong Hwa schools are located in a 2.3Km ratio.

The Design Going into Parc Esta

The developers of the Parc Esta Condo certainly have their goals on making the best out of their investment. The outstanding architecture planned for the project shows buildings lined with full height glass and picture frame windows that will make the view from any angle of the project a staggering one. The resort-like environment has the purpose of making every homeowner feel like they are living in the last generation smart house project that is distributed to create a joyful ambiance at all hours. The water and garden scape is being distributed on three specific zones to cater to the recreational needs of everyone choosing to call Parc Esta “home.”

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