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Stay Connected, Stay Online for Less Business 

Stay Connected, Stay Online for Less

A good prepaid connection does much more than keep your phone connected – it becomes your lifeline to the world at a nominal charge to you.

At a time when the world is moving forward in leaps and bounds and there is very little time to lose both at work and play, is it any wonder that the smartphone has morphed into the most ubiquitous device of the decade?

The smartphone is your veritable lifeline to the world. Remember the rare occasions when you have forgotten your phone at home or left it behind on your desk – and how crippling the whole experience was? Your phone connects you to everything that you know and recognise – from friends and business associates, to your social media networks, and indeed, to the entire world. You use your phone for practically everything – whether you want to read some news items, or watch a video, or look for some information, or just chat with friends. Short of brewing your coffee and standing in line for the bus for you, your phone can do practically everything!

But what happens when you forget to recharge your prepaid phone connection? Your mobile service provider might issue a couple of alerts asking you to do the prepaid recharge pronto. If you still don’t do it, your outgoing, messaging and surfing services are curtailed. You can only receive incoming calls and messages for a few days. If you still don’t do the prepaid recharge at this point, the service provider simply suspends your connection till you do.

Besides, the prepaid connection you currently have may not be the most ideal one. Browsing speeds might be slow, every page might take a long time to load, there may be sudden network outages, etc. Plus, you might be paying a high amount of money for patchy network and poor data speeds.

So what’s the solution? Here is a good one: buy a new Airtel prepaid connection. Airtel has the best unlimited prepaid packs in all the major cities of the country. Stay connected for less with Airtel.

How does Airtel prepaid make a difference?

Of all the reasons to go with Airtel prepaid, we list the most important ones below:

  • Airtel has at least four prepaid plans across all major cities in the country.
  • All its prepaid plans are excellent. The Rs 495 one comes especially recommended, with a pack validity of 84 days and unlimited calling facility. Besides, you get a whopping 1.4 GB data per day, at excellent transmission speeds and also 100 SMSs per day.
  • With Airtel prepaid, you also get access to the superb myAirtel app. From prepaid recharge to utility bill payment, and from watching live TV shows and matches to listening to music on Wynk, the myAirtel app offers a broad range of financial and entertainment benefits to you.
  • Study the available range of Airtel prepaid plans for your city and choose the most suitable one as per your usage preferences. Initiate the purchase online, and Airtel will contact you shortly to take the purchase forward. Once your documents and residential address are verified, the prepaid SIM is activated and you can start using it.

Wouldn’t you agree that Airtel has the goods when it comes to offering the best range of prepaid plans at unbeatable prices? With Airtel prepaid, you can stay connected with the world all the time, any time!

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