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How to use black color in your decoration? Home Improvement 

How to use black color in your decoration?

Do you want to revitalize your interior decoration in the blink of an eye while giving it a deep note? Did you think about black color ?

Contrary to popular belief, black is THE color synonymous with chic and elegance, especially in the world of fashion but also in interior design, an area in which it is gradually gaining ground, even if it is still victim of a priori.

Black is indeed much more subtle than it seems and designers have quickly found in this color a powerful ally and no longer hesitate to use it, whether sparingly or total look.

Also, I propose to discover today how to integrate the color black to your interior decoration .

Summary of this file on the black color in deco:

1. Is black a color?

Regarded as the color of nothingness or the “non-color” for artists, black is actually and technically speaking the total absence of light. Whether jet, ebony or anthracite, black nevertheless has many shades, which vary according to its density and its material.

What is the symbolism of black?

This color is considered the darkest and is often interpreted as a metaphor for anxiety, darkness, dark forces or the “dark matter” of the universe, with all the legends that can be attached to it. .

But black is also the prerogative of elegance and can emphasize the lines with refinement.

Black is also popular for the purity and sobriety it gives off.

As in fashion, interior design uses black to create an elegant and contemporary universe. Quite cold, it would respond to requirements mostly male.

2. The black color in the decor

In interior decoration, black is revealed as a chic and trendy color. As you will see from these few examples of arrangements, black has the ability to warm the atmosphere of a room or to bring a masculine note that will make all the difference.

 Black wall decoration

Whatever the chosen shade of black (dark chocolate color, bluish black color …), painting a black wall is an ideal solution for gaining depth in a room or delineating spaces.

This color adapts perfectly to all parts of the house, from the living room to the bedroom through the bathroom, knowing that you can also use it for your exterior walls.

2.2 Painting a black wall in a hallway

As evidenced by this wall and door in the color black bluish, chic and depth are waiting for you inside and out. The black allows more to stand out from its neighbors and bearing a gateway of the most mysterious!

  • I love: the trompe l’oeil cliché, the stool and the copper-finish lamp and the hang-it-all coat rack Vitra, all white and hanging directly on the door.

2.3 Painting a black wall for a dining area

Here, the walls of these dining areas display finishes sometimes dark chocolate or blackboard. The latter, at first glance quite outdated can be simply stunning and offers multiple possibilities for customizing its wall.

An ideal solution for the undecided in perpetual quest for change!

  • I like: the combination of filament bulbs, the two-tone wall and the bar in raw wood.

2.4 Black Salon

The living room is the dream room to try the black in its interior decor. Whether integrated generously or in small touches, the black will reveal various unsuspected aspects of this essential piece to live.

Discover the selection of black furniture for your living room.

  • I like: the duo of coffee tables and the accumulation of cushions on the sofa that make you want to curl up!
    Note: the black and white clichés hanging on the black painted wall serving as part separation, complete the loop of this association without flaws.

While in this living room with black floor style graphic enough, he officiates there on the floor and under the appearance of a dark floor and a carpet with geometric patterns, on which it also contrasts with white. All accented by black and wood furniture with a Scandinavian accent.

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