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How to revamp his house and give it a cool look? Home Improvement 

How to revamp his house and give it a cool look?

So, if you are on this page is that your house is not too much to the taste of the day, you want the makeover by giving it a youthful and trendy look.
Let me offer you some valuable tips that will help you in this process.

Maybe your bathroom is tired, a paint is starting to flake off, your floors are stained or are starting to wash out over time.
Whatever the problems, there are simple solutions to beautify your home and turn a rundown place into something more enjoyable.

Here are some of my favorite hacks

  • Perform a deep cleaning (or pay someone to do it for you)

Proper deep cleaning is the best starting point for anyone looking to improve their home comfort.
I’m talking about a good cleaning, not a superficial job. So take out the gloves and clean as if your life depended on it …

  • Clog holes and cracks

Walls with holes and cracked ceilings will not give a clean and renovated look to your home.
Fill holes and cracks with a light coating of your choice. Do not forget to sand the excess plaster for impeccable results.

  • Repaint your walls

One of the easiest and cheapest ways (although the workforce, if you plan to involve a professional, remains expensive) to give your faceless walls a facelift is to apply a new coat of painting.
For a flawless result, remember the painter’s tape to prevent run-outs on baseboards and window sills.
You can also invite some friends to do the job faster.

  • Replace your old furniture

Once your home has been thoroughly cleaned and your walls and ceilings have been repainted, you will have to tackle your old furniture and sofa.
Get rid of them and replace them with more current furniture depending on the style you want to give your room.
You will find many examples of decoration in the different sections of the blog.

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  • Add green plants

Welcoming outdoor elements in a home is effective in bringing color and life to the space.
Potted plants or a vertical wall of vegetation are popular ways to achieve a sense of vitality and better air quality, but do not forget to choose plants suitable for indoor living.

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  • Change your obsolete material

You are skeptical about the efficiency and the difference that a new door handle or a new faucet could have in a newly renovated house?
Well, invest in new material, because it’s often the small details that have the most impact.
Change obsolete, rusty, chipped equipment, and replace it with new, more trendy products.
For example, stainless steel is always a safe bet because it looks clean and will be functional for years to come.

  • Replace your old curtains

Escape the old aluminum Venetian blinds and say goodbye to the colorful vertical blinds of the ’90s.
In 2018, you’ll need new curtains or more modern blinds. Roller blinds, Japanese, Boat, Californian, are gaining popularity thanks to their contemporary look and energy saving ability (they can block or filter out light and trap heat).

  • Opt for a new lighting system

New lamps will add style and a new atmosphere to your room.
Modern designs in neutral colors work perfectly to create a clean and airy home.
For example, Scandinavian type suspensions are very trendy right now.

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  • Do not mismatch your furniture and decoration

An interior with mismatched furniture and decoration should never go together. If you can, buy furniture sets in similar colors. You can also reuse existing items by repainting them in the same color. Whatever direction you take, choose a theme and emphasize it to create a sense of cohesion and sharpness.

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