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How to Pack for your Vacation: Tips that Could Make your Suitcase Less Heavy Travel 

How to Pack for your Vacation: Tips that Could Make your Suitcase Less Heavy

It’s almost time for you to jet off on your vacation, you’ve booked your tickets, organised your french riviera rentals, and your new passport has arrived in plenty of time. As your vacation is approaching, chances are you’ll want to get packing very soon. However, as most of us know, it’s all too easy to pack far too much.

So, how can you avoid taking too many clothes with you? And how can you pack so your suitcase is a lot lighter? we’re going to look at this now:

Take the Right Case with you

Many people make the mistake of taking the wrong suitcase or the wrong bag. If you happen to be travelling to a part of the world that will find you carrying your luggage along city streets or in the back of a taxi, you should opt for a suitcase with wheels. This type of suitcase is generally easy to travel with, and they don’t tend to be too heavy either…which brings me to my next point…

Try to avoid using a suitcase that’s too heavy. I know your old suitcase holds some good vacation memories for you, but if it weighs more than a few kilograms you should opt for a new one. Just imagine how heavy your suitcase will be once you’ve packed everything, and opt for a newer, lighter model.

If you can get away with using a backpack or a bag, do. Bags and backpacks are so much easier to carry around with you as they don’t tend to be too bulky or heavy.

Buy Toiletries at the Other End

Toiletries tend to be quite big and bulky, taking up a lot more room than they really need to. Here is where you could save a bit of space. Buy all the toiletries you need when you arrive at your destination, not only will it make your suitcase lighter, but it will give you the chance to test some products you’ve never tried before.

If you really must take your own toiletries with you, consider decanting your shampoo, for example, into a smaller container. Pour as much shampoo into the container as you’ll need for the duration of your stay, and save yourself a lot of room. Do the same with the rest of your toiletries, or consider buying vacation-sized bottles of shampoo.

Roll all of your Clothes

While rolling your clothes will not make a difference to the weight of your suitcase or bag, it can help to save space. Roll a few pieces of clothing inside each other, and pack them tightly. You’ll be surprised how much room you can save. You may also want to think about putting things inside your shoes. For example, I usually put a few pairs of socks into every shoe that I’ve packed as this tends to save a bit of room.

You may also want to think about packing your clothes outside of your suitcase first. This will help you to see exactly what you plan to take with you and whether you’re about to stuff your suitcase with more than you really need.

Pack for your Activities

When it comes to packing for your vacation, think about what you’re going to do while you’re away. You should do this rather than packing for your destination as you’re more likely to use the clothes you’ve packed. Think about how many fancy dinners you’re likely to be having, do you really need more than one outfit for the occasion? If you’re worried about your clothes getting dirty you should consider taking some laundry detergent with you, so you can wash your clothes when you need to.

Remember, you may not need 5 pairs of shoes, 2 or 3 pairs should be enough. Just make sure you’ve packed the right clothes for the activities you have in mind and don’t be afraid to wear the same thing more than once.

Leave your Books at Home

Books tend to be rather big and bulky, and packing more than a few of them can take up precious space. Whenever I go on vacation I take one book with me to read while I travel, and I buy 1 or 2 more when I arrive at the airport. Not only does this save me room in my suitcase, but it also makes the suitcase a little less heavy.

If you don’t like the idea of buying some books at your destination, you may want to think about investing in an e-reader, or downloading a few books to your tablet. This is another great way for you to save a bit of space, while also having access to all the books you love.

Weigh your Suitcase

Everyday people get charged a little extra because their suitcase weighs too much and this is something you will want to avoid. A great way for you to avoid this is to weigh your suitcase once you’ve fully packed it. If your suitcase is too heavy you’ll have to lose some of the items. Remove a few of the items you can do without, and re-weigh your suitcase. Keep re-weighing your suitcase until it’s a little lighter than the airline is asking for.

If you don’t want your suitcase to cost you money when you reach the airport, and you don’t want it to be a little too heavy, you’ll need to re-think your packing strategy. Use the above tips to help you pack a little lighter, whilst ensuring you have everything you need.

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