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How to illuminate your decor with a luminous letter? Home Improvement 

How to illuminate your decor with a luminous letter?

luminous letter , whose design is directly inspired by that of the box mirrors, is traditionally composed of a metal structure filled with light bulbs or LEDs. It can be of different sizes and declined in many colors, going from the rough workshop to the punchy yellow , while passing by the red glam ‘.

There are also other categories approaching the principle of the luminous letter, allowing to vary the pleasures and ambiances. This is the case of the neon letter , both retro and trendy, which is able to turn any interior into a New York loft in the blink of an eye .

Another concept recently appeared in the world of the luminous letter: the lightbox , which literally means light box. It is a backlit box covered with various inscriptions or personalized messages, which can evoke certain signs   that illuminate the cities at night. The lightbox guarantees a diffused light that brings a warm and cozy touch to all interiors, all with originality.

Led or neon, wood or plastic, letters or illuminated signs

With so many choices on the market, your heart has something to swing! Also, how to determine the bright letter that will best meet your expectations?

Start by asking yourself if you want your letter of light to be perfectly in tune with the style of your home or on the contrary to think outside the box with diametrically opposed styles.

In order to light up your lantern a bit, know for example that a bright colored plastic LED light letter is perfect for a contemporary style interior, while a bright wooden letter is more like a vintage deco. The neon letter will delight all lovers of loft style, with its unmistakably trendy style. Finally, illuminated signs have the advantage of being able to adapt to many styles. They can also be used alone or come in reinforcement of a luminous letter.

Bright letter – Kidimo

Luminous letter: their place in your decor

There are several ways to highlight a luminous letter in an interior , which will have everything to gain, both in terms of originality but also brightness, because light letter obviously implies light, even if that- It intervenes as an adjunct.

So you can very well use one or combine several to compose words. Hang it on the wall or place it on a shelf , a bookcase or a row . Note that for a neon letter , the wall appears as obvious.

As for the destination piece, there are also no pre-established rules. Also, you can quite consider a bright letter in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Where to find your bright letters?

If you have succumbed to the idea of ​​using a letter of light to illuminate your decor , know that you will be spoiled for choice. There are indeed many models on the market, able to meet the tastes and requirements of each.

I propose to do is find a selection of light letter , letter LED , neon letter and lightbox to adopt without delay if you want to also bring a unique style to your home.

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