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How Does An Invisalign Treatment Work And How Long Does It Last? Health 

How Does An Invisalign Treatment Work And How Long Does It Last?

Invisalign is an orthodontic system of the most modern that is increasingly requested by patients for its many advantages and amenities, is an “invisible” orthodontic treatment is the most comfortable treatment to look smile while we are getting our teeth corrected.

These are made-to-measure splints for each dental arch made of a material almost imperceptible to the vision of the human being , these are splints that are removed and put on, which is a great advantage when eating. a specific diet must be prescribed, or certain foods to be deprived, which is the case of those patients who select a conventional orthodontic treatment with the use of braces. Those who are not allowed to eat

  • Very hard foods
  • Very fibrous foods
  • The fruit must be cut and peeled
  • They can not eat gum or jelly beans under any circumstances

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With Invisalign there are no restrictions when it comes to feeding .

The patient who is interested in this type of treatment, must first make a consultation with orthodontist, a facial, cephalometric and photographic study will be carried out in order to verify that he is a candidate to carry this type of orthodontics.

In the next session, specific measurements of both dental arches will be taken, which will be sent along with the orthodontist’s instructions, specifying what you want to achieve, in order to obtain the perfect smile, soon afterwards invisalign will send a ClinCheck a video on 3d of how is the mouth of the patient to be treated and the result that will be obtained is the moment in which the professional next to the patient decides if they want to make modifications, in addition we will know the orthodontic treatment time how many aligners will be required by the patient. Once this demonstration video has been approved, the splints will be manufactured, which will be received after an approximate period of 15 days .

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The aligners (splints) are changed every 15 days since each splint contains specific information and movement, when changing them every two weeks the final treatment time is shortened noticeably since with the conventional system the visits are monthly.

The patient must commit to a daily use of the 20-hour aligner being able to be removed for meals and in case there is an event.

The duration of treatment of invisalign is determined by the malocclusion to be treated, the most frequent is a duration of 15 to 18 months. In invisalign, there are two versions: invisalign full, for complete cases in which larger corrections are required and severe and for case of shorter duration is the invisalign lite.

In both cases, once the treatment of aligners is finished, the results are not as expected or there is something that displeases the patient and professional, a “refinement” may be requested, for which we will have to make new measurements of the dental arches and photos, and send all this information to invisalign, but this second phase of treatment in case it is decided to carry it out will not have an economic cost for the patient.

It is a revolutionary transparent method, comfortable and easy to carry that allows you to eat whatever you want, we can even drink drinks with the splints placed, which does not produce the dreaded sores due to chafing and that allows an adequate oral hygiene. In addition, the time of visits with the professional is much shorter than when you have fixed orthodontics and emergencies will be non-existent.

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Benefits and advantages of invisible orthodontics

It is a transparent method , easy to carry and comfortable , which allows you to drink drinks even with the splints placed. This treatment can get to correct rotated, advanced or delayed teeth in the arch, achieving total alignment, and cases of overbite, where the upper teeth come to cover the lower ones much more than they should.

These splints are removable, unlike what happens with fixed metal devices. With this type of orthodontics, you can enjoy drinking , eating , brushing your teeth , just by removing the splints unlike the fixed orthodontics, which is not removed until the end of the entire treatment.

We also find that there are no metal brackets or wires, which results in having to spend less time in the consultation to make the necessary adjustments during the duration of the treatment and forget about the annoying sores produced by the wires.

Another advantage is that there are no restrictions with food, you do not have to specify a specific diet , or deprive yourself of certain foods , of which patients with traditional orthodontics are deprived, such as: very hard, very fibrous foods or eating fruit well peeled and cut and neither eat gum nor jelly beans

The majority of patients, commented not to be affected in the way of speaking, comment to feel some small temporary discomfort during the first days at the beginning of each new stage of the treatment, described as a feeling of pressure that ends up disappearing after a few days.

Invisalign, allows us to see the treatment plan and the virtual results before starting the treatment , so we can see what our teeth will look after the treatment ends.

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