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Food supplements for dangerous sports? Health 

Food supplements for dangerous sports?

ANSES, the French health and safety agency governing the food sector, just published yesterday, Tuesday, December 20, 2016, a particularly alert opinion on the use of food supplements for athletes, particularly to increase muscle mass or to promote the loss of fat mass.

This opinion follows the collection of 49 cases of adverse effects, however not specified in detail, except for the mention of cardiovascular disorders (tachycardia, arrhythmia and stroke) and psychic (anxiety disorders and disorders of the eye). ‘mood).

It is of course justified and relevant to warn about the risks linked to the inappropriate consumption of food supplements and dietary products for athletes, especially when they are purchased on the internet outside the framework of any regulatory framework or exchanged in a questionable way. in the locker room. Or when they are consumed in an anarchic manner without prior consultation with a health professional. Several studies have, for more than 15 years, highlighted the risks of positive control (Green et al., 2001) and health (Geyer et al., 2006).

However, such an assertion deserves to be qualified according to the distribution channels, product natures and the framework of use. The most important risks concern before all the products for muscular or thin, bought on the internet on sites unscrupulous as to the origin of the products.

The French regulation is such that products recommended and used with the accompaniment of a health professional, bought in controlled and serious distribution circuits, can quite find their place within the framework of the natural optimization. performances and, above all, the prevention of the athlete’s health.

The risk would be to generalize and popularize the alert to create an unjustified panic about the legitimacy and risks of taking food supplements that are fraudulent or used in bad conditions. What have been hastily done by some media since yesterday

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