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Fireplace Tools and Accessories – Get an Extra Layer of Protection with Top-Quality Fireplace Screens Home Improvement 

Fireplace Tools and Accessories – Get an Extra Layer of Protection with Top-Quality Fireplace Screens

Fireplaces are the central point of any room in your home. They not only warm your home but also make it look artistic and beautiful as well. If you have a conventional fireplace, it is wise to install a safe fireplace screen. Fireplace screens also add to the beauty of your fireplace. They are available in different styles. They not only make the fireplace look beautiful but they enhance the beauty of the place. These fireplace screens generate improved heating efficiency and reduces the energy costs of your home. Most homeowners believe that arranging firewood in a specific way helps to reduce the heating costs however this is not true.

Fireplace Tools and Accessories – what are the benefits of fireplace screens

When you are looking for fireplace tools and accessories for your home, buying fireplace screens from well-known companies will give you the following benefits-

  1. Efficient heating- Most homeowners have to agree to the fact that traditional fireplaces do not do a very good job when it comes to making your room warm. Experts in the field state that only 10% of the energy you get from firewood is converted into warm heat. The remaining 90% of the heat makes it way to your chimney and escapes from your home. From the above, it is evident, if you have an open fireplace, the heat goes in waste. The only solution you have is to install a fireplace screen. This blocks in the heat and distributes in the room. It is better over air that conducts the heat of the fireplace from flames. The fireplace screen uses all the heat of the firewood to radiate in the room.
  2. Save energy costs with a good fireplace screen- Utility bills are often high when you have an open fireplace. Even if you have a chimney damper, it actually does not do much to seal in the heat and prevent the air from escaping into the chimney. Fireplace screens ensure you get improved air-barriers over these chimney dampers. If you have a fireplace with an open hearth, you cannot prevent the warm air escaping from your home. The fireplace screen prevents this from occurring. It works the way you want it to function. With them, you can say goodbye to electric heaters and other accessories to seal in the heat.
  3. Protects your home from smoke- With fireplace screens, you can reduce the hazards and the associated risks you get with open fireplaces. They are like protective barriers. They stop sparks from coming out of the fireplace and setting off a fire. At times drafts from the chimney might come down and add air to the fire. This can be extremely dangerous as the fire gets inside the room and a fire might break out. The fireplace screen will prevent the above from happening.

Therefore, with the right fireplace tools and accessories like a fireplace screen, you can improve safety, reduce energy bills and enhance the heating capacity of your home. A fireplace screen is a wise investment and it should always be bought from credible stores.

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