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Experience shopping in the streets of Chianing Travel 

Experience shopping in the streets of Chianing

The city of Chiang Mai is not only the fifth largest city in Thailand, but it is also the main tourist center of the northern region of Thailand. The city is most sought after for its lush landscapes, mountains, gardens and temples. But another thing to experiment and test in Chiang Mai is its bustling street markets.

Chiang Mai Street Market

At night, the city center lights up with its huge night market. This splendid commercial extravagance covers many areas of stands, but also restaurants and games rooms. If you want to be at the center of the action, head to Chang Klan Road, which is in the heart of the city. Another thing about Chan Klan Road is that it’s within walking distance of a number of Chiang Mai hotels. The night market or “Bazaar” has become an iconic attraction in Chiang Mai as it is one of the cheapest shopping areas for tourists in all of Thailand. Here you will find everything: silk tops, antiques, silver jewelry, and cheap DVDs. This particular market is also filled with contraband,

Aside from the night market, Chiang Mai also hosts two “Walking Street” markets set up on weekends. The first takes place on a Saturday a month and spreads along the pedestrian street of Wualai. This street is the traditional place of the city’s important jewelry stores. The second street market is present every Sunday and runs along the Ratchadamnoen road to Thapae Gate. You can easily reach this road that crosses the old city center. The Sunday market not only has vendors and small restaurants, but also features live music and shows. In addition, it has a more artistic atmosphere due to its large collection of arts and crafts stalls.

If you have the opportunity, try planning your move to Chiang Mai in the schedules of these markets because shopping here promises to be quite an experience. It’s important to understand that pedestrian street markets can be crowded, but they can easily become one of the highlights of your stay in Chiang Mai because of its unique energetic atmosphere. A number of adorable craft products can be found in these two markets and many are sold by the people who made them. That’s why these items are not available in Chiang Mai’s stores.

Markets usually open in the afternoon and are booming until 11 pm. You must come before dusk, if you want to deal with a small crowd. And if you have trouble choosing things to buy to bring home or give as gifts; consider looking for lacquered objects. After all, the Chiang Mai region holds a long and famous tradition of lacquerware. The most popular are bowls, decorative boxes and bracelets. Other special products of the region are ceramics, embroidered bags and paper umbrellas.

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