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Eating gluten-free would increase the risk of diabetes? Health 

Eating gluten-free would increase the risk of diabetes?

This is what we read in the media this morning, such as here . After the arsenic a few weeks ago, all the arguments to question the gluten stop would be good …

The main argument put forward is that a decrease in fiber consumption in people eating gluten-free causes an increased risk of diabetes. Indeed, eating little fiber is a risk factor for this epidemic (as a reminder, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the world by 2030 with an increase in the number of deaths by 50% in the 10 next years according to WHO). However, the conditions of this study conducted by the American Federation of Cardiology are completely unknown (it is not yet published). The effects of a strongly insulin-secreting diet are now well known, I invite you to read my article on the importance of glycemic load .

It is once again clear that substituting gluten-free foods with processed gluten-free products is no guarantee of quality nutrition. However, it is quite possible to limit or even eliminate gluten from its diet without reducing its fiber consumption, quite the contrary, as we prefer a raw and unprocessed food rich in vegetables , so rich in fiber. This announcement does not stipulate the nature of the diet consumed by people who have removed gluten, although this is the key.

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