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Luxury India Tours – Plan a Trip for Memorable Holidays Travel 

Luxury India Tours – Plan a Trip for Memorable Holidays

Are you planning for memorable and luxurious holiday experience by travelling around some of the most beautiful destination in India – situated and positioned in different parts and known for something different from each other? For travel enthusiasts who want to spend time in the most luxurious way, planning a trip to some of the most beautiful and amazing destinations is certainly a way of refreshing your memories and rejuvenate your mind and body. For the entire nation and to explore its attractions, you need more days, even months to…

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Movies making tourism, delightful! Travel 

Movies making tourism, delightful!

Now more than ever we need to talk to each other, to listen to each other and understand how we see the world, and cinema is the best medium for doing this. Martin Scorsese was well aware of the influence cinema has on people’s life: be it the way they dress, what they eat . One such aspect movies impact internationally is tourism. With more and more movies exploring untouched picturesque regions, they surely elevate tourist’s curiosity. Take the case of Amsterdam, city best described by John Green as being…

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Experience shopping in the streets of Chianing Travel 

Experience shopping in the streets of Chianing

The city of Chiang Mai is not only the fifth largest city in Thailand, but it is also the main tourist center of the northern region of Thailand. The city is most sought after for its lush landscapes, mountains, gardens and temples. But another thing to experiment and test in Chiang Mai is its bustling street markets. Chiang Mai Street Market At night, the city center lights up with its huge night market. This splendid commercial extravagance covers many areas of stands, but also restaurants and games rooms. If you want to be at…

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First trip to Cuba: 20 essential tips Travel 

First trip to Cuba: 20 essential tips

a little confusing. I will share with you all the useful tips that you should know before your first trip to Cuba. 1. Traveling to Cuba requires a visa Anyone wishing to go to Cuba for a tourist stay must be in possession of a tourist card for Cuba, whether for a first trip to Cuba or for the following. The tourist card is the equivalent of the entry visa for Cuba. This name card must also be obtained for minor children even if the child is on the parents’ passport. Online services ensure the obtaining…

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Khao Yai National Park and its mighty elephants Travel 

Khao Yai National Park and its mighty elephants

In Thailand, elephants are animals that are represented everywhere, in paintings, sculptures and even on venerated clothes. Most of the major tourist destinations in the country have elephant camps where people can spend time with these sweet creatures. Visits to these camps allow visitors to engage in activities such as feeding and bathing elephants. However, if you want to see the Southeast Asian elephants in their natural environment, then the place you should consider visiting is Khao Yai National Park . Here you will see these revered animals going about creeks and waterfalls freely. There are…

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10 tips for a first trip to Thailand Travel 

10 tips for a first trip to Thailand

Thailand remains one of the first ports of call for backpackers going on the road for the first time. But do not be fooled: if traveling here means following a well-beaten tourist trail, you can not deny that this attractive country may take some time to get acquainted with it. To make things easier for you on your first visit to Thailand, follow these tips for your first trip to Thailand. Go slowly : do not try to do too much. You are almost certain to starvt in Bangkok and I recommend you do…

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10 Tips for making your first trip to India Travel 

10 Tips for making your first trip to India

Chaotic, disorienting, delirious, captivating, intimidating … Because of its immense cultural and geographical diversity, India resists any definition and can only approach with humility and astonishment. You are ready to embark on the great journey: to India for the very first time. How then to prepare for it? Follow our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises and leave serenely to discover this fascinating world. Choose the right season You can travel throughout the year in India if you are in the right place at the right time. Over such a vast territory, the climate differs…

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