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5 things to know when planning your garden for the summer Home Improvement 

5 things to know when planning your garden for the summer

As for the design and layout of your garden, planning should take place during the coldest months to make the most of the garden during the hottest months of the year.

Spring is a season full of potential for plants, but also for homeowners who can start planting and sowing all sorts of things in their garden.
The arrival of spring also means that summer is fast approaching, so take the time to think about how you want to transform your outdoor space.

The goal of landscaping or transforming your garden in the springtime will make you want to spend more time outdoors, cooking, eating and entertaining in a peaceful environment to your taste, while increasing the value of your property.

  • 1- Mow your lawn

A well-mown and well-kept lawn will make you want to frolic more often in your garden.
It will give your exterior a cleaner and more airy appearance.

  • 2- Add a contemporary garden shed

Garden huts have become a must in recent years, they can add value to your outdoor living space.
While unpredictable weather can affect when and how we enjoy our gardens, garden huts can be used year round and in any weather.
They can also become a real sanctuary to relax and isolate themselves and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year.

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  • 3- Rethink your garden paths and paving

Rather than trying to revive old worn out pavers, think of something new, such as large format tiles.
Full-body porcelain stoneware tiles do not absorb water and therefore require less maintenance than traditional pavers, which means less pressure washing and much less maintenance over the next few years.

Beautiful garden paths accompanied by a beautiful floor covering on your terrace will add value to your home.

By ensuring that your flooring is level with your interior flooring, you can scramble the lines between the inside and the outside of the home, this technique will bring a better flow of traffic by extending the living space from your home to your garden.

  • 4- Invest in a barbecue or an outdoor kitchen

Eating outside is a great way to enjoy the garden.
The cooking zone should create a focal point with the garden design and be the point where guests can gather and enjoy the space. If outdoor kitchens can be quite expensive, you can opt for a barbecue that will still allow you to enjoy an outdoor culinary moment.

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  • 5- Organize and develop flower beds

The plantation is the key to a successful garden, the owners must keep nature in mind when creating areas dedicated to plantations.
You can opt for perennials that will come back every year, bubbles or small shrubs of semi-evergreen shrubs.

The area where your garden meets neighboring property or the countryside is an excellent opportunity to create a transition for wildlife using more rustic plants like ferns, bamboos or vines, allowing them to move more freely.

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